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The project

To train for Qualification and Innovation of Social Networks Minho-Lima

The project "Empowering for Qualification and Innovation of Social Minho-Lima Networks" aims to promote and capacity of Local Social Networks which, "as joint forums and pooling of efforts," develop relevant interventions in social development fields and human, innovation and competitiveness with a view to a more inclusive territory for the prevention and combating social exclusion.

In this context, and based on a set of integrated and participatory proposals will be made to promote local development through an articulate and innovative intervention perspetivada based on district and municipal specifics.

It is intended, therefore the optimization of endogenous resources and to overcome the needs identified in the Minho-Lima territory in the various social sectors.

So, derive the following objectives:

• To train and enhance social networks Minho-Lima, through empowerment;

• Innovate the way to solve social problems, based on entrepreneurial approaches;

• To encourage the Organizational Social Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship;

• Promote new initiatives of social intervention in conjunction with the needs / problems of the territory;

• Promote concerted and integrated supraconcelhio planning.



Action 1 - Diagnosis and Action Plan

Responsible for Execution: IPVC


Action 2 - Training for analysis

Responsible for Execution: IPVC


Action 3 - Training for Intervention


• Strengthening the social dimension in the sustainable development process of the Alto Minho.

• Train social workers using innovative approaches to entrepreneurial nature.

Activities to develop:

• Mapping of Reference Social Initiatives with entrepreneurial potential

• Setting guidelines for the promotion of Social Entrepreneurship in the Alto Minho

• Developing a "toolbox" and a platform to support innovative and sustained involvement of local and regional actors

• Creating a fellowship of social projects

Responsible for Execution: IN.CUBO


Name: Training for Intervention

Strengthen the social dimension in the sustainable development process of the Alto Minho from innovative approaches to entrepreneurial nature, enabling social actors, involving other public and private stakeholders, and developing innovative social solutions.

Description of the activities to develop

This action is intended to strengthen and coordinate the intervention capacity and management of the institutional fabric local and regional in the social field as well as create and animate a regional platform of social entrepreneurship, mobilizing knowledge, resources and agents of change in the Alto Minho.

The aim is to equip local and regional actors, as well as the social networks that are involved, skills and tools needed to launch and sustain a process of this nature on a regional scale.

In the current context, where we are witnessing the need to move from an essentially welfare solidarity systemic solidarity and broadband (social, environmental, economic, cultural and territorial), is fundamental to mobilize the entrepreneurial capacity of enterprises, public sector and the social sector, to create new and sustainable responses to the problems that society faces high Minho. In this sense, the activities to be implemented under this action will focus on the following initiatives:

• In a study that will proceed to the mapping of social initiatives with existing entrepreneurial potential in the territory and in defining guidelines for the promotion of social entrepreneurship (Activity 1);

Roadmap for Social Entrepreneurship in the Minho - Lima  (pdf)

• In providing a "Toolbox" and support a diverse platform that will allow local and regional actors develop a sustainable and innovative way their social activities (Activity 2);

Activity 2 Final report  (pdf)

• The creation of an Exchange of Social Projects, spreading entrepreneurial skills in terms of social networks, creating awareness and facilitating the acquisition of critical resources to achieve them (Activity 3).

Agenda for the Promotion of Social Entrepreneurship in the Alto Minho  (pdf)

Presentation of the Collaborative Workshop  (pdf)


Action 4 - Electronics Platform prospective Planning

Responsible for Execution: IPVC


Action 5 - Monitoring and reporting


• Coordination and technical monitoring of the project and implementation of all activities

Activities to develop:

• Hold meetings of the Monitoring Committee

Responsible for Execution: IN.CUBO


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  • In.Cubo streamlines Project "Empowering for Qualification and Innovation of Social Networks Minho-Lima"

    The In.Cubo - Incubator of Innovative Business Initiatives, under the Project "Empowering for Qualification and Innovation of Social Networks Minho-Lima", which is co-promoter together with the Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo, is develop a joint action to promote social entrepreneurship in the territory and promote and launch dynamic likely to create innovative social solutions and able to meet the challenges facing the community of Alto Minho in the short / medium term.

    During the month of March and April, the In.Cubo, organized a series of four seminars on the theme "The Social Entrepreneurship in the Alto Minho in 2020", in Viana do Castelo, Monsoon, Ponte da Barca and Vila Nova de Cerveiras. These seminars brought together about 200 participants representing IPSS, among others of a social nature. This seminar had as main goals: to enable organizations and entrepreneurs to social entrepreneurship dynamics and creation of self-employment, and social inclusion mechanisms; empower local professionals to improve knowledge of Financial Instruments to Support Microentrepreneurship and job creation and disseminate good practices to its spread.

    On 26 and 28 March, there were two Collaborative Workshops, one in Ponte de Lima and another in Valencia, which had as target audience managers and technicians of institutions acting in the social area of ​​the whole district. This action was designed to identify new approaches that are likely to set up projects / actions to frame the new period of EU funds programming for the period 2014-2020.

    In April took place the 3rd and 4th editions of the seminar "The Social Entrepreneurship in the Alto Minho 2020," on April 11 in Ponte da Barca and April 23 in Vila Nova de Cerveira.

  • In.Cubo promotes Training Program

    During the month of May will take place the action "Training for Intervention", which is constituted as the first step in planning the set of activities to be carried out, having as objectives:

    1. More Inspiration from interlocutors and organizations for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship through:

    - To know more deeply the movement of entrepreneurs and social innovators who are creating and developing initiatives that aim to generate a strong social impact, have financial sustainability, thereby building a more sustainable and inclusive society;

    - Sharing best international practices, Lusophone, national and local;

    - To analyze, systematize and validate Social Models Innovative and proven to generate theoretical and practical knowledge;

     2. More Training of partners and organizations for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship through:

    - Consolidate a common language in social entrepreneurship theme;

    - Identify and understand the life stages of the Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship

    - Understand the typical difficulties of initiatives, corresponding to the respective phase of life;

    - To analyze and draw paths for creating and organizing models of inclusive and sustainable social business for various segments and socially excluded audiences.

    The activities carried out under this training program are:

    Day April 30, 2014   - Focus Group "Social Entrepreneurship" - Location: Building from the Council Hall, Dr. Antonio Lacerda Square, 4980-620 Ponte da Barca

    Trainers: Mafalda Sarmento, Ana Blackbird

    On May 5, 2014   - Workshop: "Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship" - Location: Ponte de Lima

    Trainer: Nelson Gomes Pereira

    Day 6 May 2014 - Workshop "Models of Sustainable Business" - Location Valencia

    Trainer: Carlos Azevedo

    Day May 15, 2014 - Workshop: "Leadership and Team Motivation" - Location: Caminha

    Trainer: Frederick Fezas Vital Katia Almeida

    Day May 16, 2014 - Benchmarking Action / Good Practice of Social Entrepreneurship - Location: Paredes de Coura

    Trainers: Social Entrepreneurs: Frederick Fezas Vital, Katia Almeida and other guests

    Day May 19, 2014 - Workshop "Impact Measurement" - Location: Auditorium of In.Cubo, Ponte da Barca

    Trainer: Carlos Azevedo

    Day May 20, 2014 - Workshop "Communication" - Location: Main Hall of the Town Hall, Largo Hermenegildo Solheiro, 4960-551 Melgaço

    Trainer: Frederick Fezas Vital, Katia Almeida

    Day June 17, 2014 - Final Event - Script Social Entrepreneurship


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Training Program

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Working Sessions


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